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Community participation

We provide community participation servi...

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Behaviour support and intervention

"Our team is dedicated to supporting par...

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Supported Independent living (SIL)

We provide services to SIL (Supported In...

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Assistance with daily living

We offer comprehensive Assistance with D...

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Respite/Short term accommodation

We offer NDIS participants Short Term Ac...


What we Value

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We Respect

Orbit Care Services ensures that all our participants are treated with dignity and respect. Staff actively listen to participants' needs and preferences, involve them in decision-making, and uphold their rights.


The organisation stands up for the rights and interests of participants, ensuring they receive the appropriate NDIS services and access to the resources they need. With collaborative advocacy efforts, we are committed to empower participants to lead self-determined lives, break down barriers, and achieve their fullest potential.


Orbit Care Services ensures that its services are sustainable by maintaining a well-trained and dedicated staff, adhering to best practices, and continuously improving its service offerings to meet the evolving needs of NDIS participants. Sustainability is a core principle that guides our commitment to long-term quality care and support.


Orbit Care Services, we build genuine connections between participants and support workers, understanding their unique backgrounds, interests, and goals. We believe that strong relationships are at the core of effective support, enhancing trust, communication, personalization, and empowerment for the well-being and progress of our participants.

Person Centered

Being person-cantered is about recognising that each participant is a unique individual with distinct needs and preferences. we place the participant at the centre of all decisions and actions. Orbit Care Services ensures that services are customized to align with the goals and aspirations of each participant. This involves active collaboration with participants to develop and adapt support plans as needed.

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