Referral and engagement

Engagement Process

At orbit care services, we believe in transparency and collaboration in the support we offer to NDIS participants.

Our engagement process is designed to provide clear steps on how we work with participants to achieve their goals and aspirations. Here's an overview of what you can expect when you choose us as your NDIS provider

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Steps for Engagement Process

Please carefully review all instructions on this page, then proceed by clicking the 'Go to Referral Form' button.


Getting Started - Referral

It all begins with a referral, which can come from the participant themselves, their family, a support coordinator, or someone else closely involved.

We gather basic participant information, including any existing NDIS plan if it's available.


Initial Contact

Once we receive the referral, a friendly representative from Orbit Care Services will reach out to schedule an initial meeting.



During this initial meeting, we conduct an assessment to understand the participant's unique situation. We'll discuss their diagnosis needs, NDIS plan, support needs, goals, and preferences.

If the participant already has a NDIS plan, we'll review it to ensure it aligns with their current needs.


Creating the Service Agreement

Once we receive the referral, a friendly representative from Orbit Care Services will reach out to schedule an initial meeting.


Planning for Support

We believe in collaborative planning. Together with the participant/ Guardians, Orbit Care Services identifies specific goals and objectives to be addressed in the NDIS plan.

From there, we develop a service plan that lays out the types of supports and services needed to achieve those goals.


Putting the Plan into Action

With the plan in place, we start off service delivery. This can include a range of supports tailored to participant needs.


Monitoring and Adaptation

We keep a close eye on the participant's progress to ensure that their goals are being met effectively. Adjustments are made to the plan as needed, especially if circumstances change or goals evolve.


Regular Reviews and Open Feedback

Periodic review meetings are held to assess progress, address concerns, and make any necessary changes to the plan.

We actively seek feedback from both the participant and their support network to continuously enhance our services.


Preparing for Transition

When the participant achieves their goals or no longer requires NDIS support, we help with the transition process.

This can involve connecting the participant to other resources or services as needed.


Celebrating Success - Final Review

To conclude the journey, we conduct a final review meeting to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the NDIS plan and services provided. - We take a moment to celebrate achievements and reflect on the participant's journey from the beginning to the end


Keeping Records and Staying Transparent

Throughout the journey, we diligently update and maintain all records, assessments, and documentation. - This ensures transparency and compliance, reflecting the participant's engagement with Orbit Care Services.

We're here to support you every step of the way on your support journey. If you have any questions or are ready to start your journey with us, please feel free to Get in Touch. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!